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What are y'all listening to?


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Music and podcasts can get us through even the longest of days, what keeps your eyes open and your head straight through the week? 

For me its a perpetual stew of jam bands. Grateful Dead, Phish, Goose, King Gizzard, Billy Strings, Widespread Panic (ill see y'all at setbreak)

Podcasts include (Spirits) Distillers Talk, Still Talking, Distillery Nation, Craft Spirits Podcast, Single Malt Matters, Life Behind Bars, (Music) Long May They Run, Alive Again, After Midnight, Undermine, Good Ol Grateful Deadcast, Cocaine and Rhinestones (Comedy) Bertcast, Your Moms House, 2 Bears 1 Cave, Honeydew w/ Ryan Sickler, Danny Brown Show, Dr Drew After Dark.

Audiobooks: Stephen King's Dark Tower 1-7 (my personal equivalent to The Lord of The Rings), Salems Lot, The Stand, Billy Summers, 11-22-63, Thomas Perry - Butchers Boy, The Old man, Sleeping Dogs, Wayne Curtis - And a Bottle of Rum, David Wondrich - Imbibe, Rob Arnold - The Terroir of Whiskey, Kyle Jerrard - Cognac, Tom Standage - A History of the World in 6 Glasses, Bruce Cannon Gibney - A Generation of Sociopaths, Dr. Christopher Ryan - Civilized to Death, Dr. Carl L. Hart - Drug Use For Grown-Ups, Adam Rogers - Proof, Daniel Okrent - Last Call - The Rise and Fall of Prohibition


How broad are our collective interests? (because mine are narrow) Show me what you got!

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On 9/25/2022 at 9:13 PM, SlickFloss said:

Podcasts stuff you should know, key in the lake (whiskey podcast), bourbon pursuit (tater podcast), 538 politics podcast (models elections for us politics), serial, S-town is a great first season podcast incredible story  check that one out for sure 


Lol, S-town happened relatively close to me, I haven't listened to it yet though.

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