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Depends on the supplier. Everything is tighter post-pandemic. It seems to me, sales people are very comfortable using the 'limited supply, order lots now' tactic even if supply is full.

Prices are higher.

MOQ from saver is a pallet or two, but they're absolutely awful to deal with. And there's no more on-the-spot buying. You have to order 6-8 months in advance and hope they can get their act together and deliver.

Burch has been fair with me. MOQ is super low but I order big to lower shipping cost per unit. 

For custom- it seems like a $10k fee for set up and 50,000 units annually guaranteed, or somewhere around there. 

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It’s all about finding the right partner for sure. We have plenty of stock options available in the US at pallet quantities. These are new and refreshed and not your typical items you see on shelf. They can be easily swapped from many of the common molds you see in the market. We designed them that way. No label or cork changes needed normally.

 Because of our position as both a owner of factories and furnace positions in others, we can find the right solution for custom no problem. At lower MOQ’s and little cost to you. For a commitment, mold cost is covered. Reach out! We would love to help anyone struggling in this space. 


(812) 605-0633


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