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I have been using the Vintner Vault for many of my supplies (ie. Go-Ferm, Dap, Fermaid-K, tartaric acid, Yeast Hulls, Oak chips, ect). They good prices, but are located out in California. Shipping times are long and cost are excessive. Does anyone know of a low cost distributor in the Mid-west? It would be great to get everything I need from one place, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen.

Also what suppliers are used for bar supplies?


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I would be able to supply decorated glass ware out of Chicago if interested. There are several large restaurant/bar suppliers out of Chicago as well. Advise what your looking for and I could recommend one or two of them to you.

Larry Brown

Libation Container



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I am an agent for Canton Cooperage out of Lebanon, Kentucky, and have oak chips and other oak products available. We ship out of Kentucky, if that helps. Where are you located?

Kind regards,



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