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Distillery Site Structural and Functionality Requirements


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Hello All!

I am looking for information on distillery site requirements (and hopefully not make mistakes others have made).  Stuff like square footage, ceiling height, size of access way, vents, type of flooring etc.  Appreciate any help ... RPG

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You will be classified as either F-1 or H-3 depending on the amount of spirits in storage.  Read those requirement in the International Building Code.   There will be a code change after the first of the year that might allow you to be F-1/S-1 regardless of volume stored. 


On this forum search and the term AHJ (authotity having jurisdication) and "code review"  These will answer many of your questions.  Whatever questions you have after that let us know.

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1 hour ago, John Bassett said:

Any information on that potential code change?

John, it depends on what your municipality will allow.  This thread should be helpful.  If you have other questions, PM me


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