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Triple Sec?

Castaway Fiji

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Hi guys

Had a bit of a look around but havent found much in the way of guidance for producing Triple Sec, I assume it's similar to a maceration and distillation of gin and I was wondering if anyone has any helpful suggestions on production. We have access to local oranges, we produce our own ethanol/vodka and was planning to use this as the base and am totally in the dark in regards to any other herbs or spices.

Any advice would be appreciated

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Traditionally triple sec wouldn’t feature other spices, you can but traditionally it is only orange used for flavoring. There are variants of course though. Curaçao, a liqueur of Dutch origin using macerated orange peels from Curaçao as it’s main flavor in conjunction with spices may be more in like with what you’re thinking of. Triple sec traditionally was distilled but now the large houses making it a “schnapp” type cordial (Dekuyper etc.) are obviously compounding it from flavoring and color. Neutral base, often of Beet, distilled eith the peels and back colored and back sweetened with beet sugar. 

We do lots of recipe and profit development! Holler if you ever want to bring us in to up your game!

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