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Help with Arizona Rules

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I have been asked to provide our spirits for a large, annual convention in Arizona. I surfed the web and ultimately just called AZ liquor compliance. Very nice people. The gent I talked to indicated I would have to get an our of state craft distillery license. That seemed kinda weird to me. I am guessing there must be another way. Like sell to a distributor? Anyway, if any of you out there are familiar with AZ rules or have experience selling in AZ from out of state, I would be most grateful for your help. 



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Hi @nukeproof AZ can be a bit unclear about the laws in their state. I spent a few years there managing a distillery and got to know them well. If you want to sell in AZ and not have a physical location you will need to get an AZ out of state craft distillery license and then you can sell your products through a distributor.

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