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2 Ton North Slope chiller for sale - new, in crate.

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(reference picture, not actual unit)


For sale: new, in-crate 2 Ton chiller plumbed for direct connection to 15 psi max cooling jacket.  Bought with intention of connecting directly to jacketed IBC tote for chill filtering.  Plans have changed and we now have a full chiller system that can serve this need as well.  This unit was manufactured and delivered  summer of 2021 and is still in the original shipping crate and ready to be shipped out.  

The part number of this unit is NSC2000-LT-230/1 and the description is "Deep Freeze Chiller, 2 ton (24,000 BTU/hr), 230V/1P/60hz".  


Manufacturer's website - click here

First source of this unit for price reference - click here

Second source of this unit for price reference - click here


Price from manufacturer ~$10,000.00

Asking $8,000 not including shipping.  

You can arrange shipping and I will facilitate the pickup or I can arrange shipping that you approve and pay.  

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