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Looking for a Partner (Tampa Bay, FL)

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Have purchased all the equipment and a small space to start a distillery in Tampa Bay, FL area (Clearwater). I had intended on doing this with my son, but had to move away for work. I am now in need of a mentor / partner with experience to work with my son on his dream.  I am not looking for a financial partner, just someone who has a passion and might be interested in a piece of the business in exchange for sweat equity (nights / weekend), until the business starts making product and it can afford to pay a salary / dividends.

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Hey, welcome to the forums. I’m sorry that you had to move away, I’ve enjoyed the greatest gift of working with my father (and my grandfather) and I wish you got that, you may still one day. This is a really tough industry it’s labor and Capitol intensive, cash flow needs never end. I don’t know what scope or scale you’re talking about, but it’s very hard for small producers to get by on product alone. I’d highly encourage you guys look at ways to generate on site revenue to assist with cash flow needs of getting fermentables in the door. If y’all ever need help with technical issues in the production of alcohol this community is here to help, only thing we can’t do is sell it for you. Cheers! 


P.S. second smartest thing your son can ever do is learn to weld. 

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How's it going and welcome to the neighborhood.

I'm a distiller right here in Clearwater myself. I'd be willing to help out with what I can. I'm not the business owner but maybe I can answer some of your questions on the production side. Message me back on here or send me a text at 941-345-7605. 




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