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I wonder the same thing.  I have spoken to a few other platforms and they all say the same thing:  YOU have to drive the sales and awareness, they are merely a shipper.  I asked if they had followers or people who regularly purchase so I could tap into that market (Drizzly is one), but the answer is usually "Not really".  So if we as distilleries have to still do most of the marketing, why do we need the Speakeasy's of the world?

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I looked into them and other online sellers, and the answer, like everything, is it depends. Running our numbers, we needed to sell close to 100 bottles per month through them just to make up the monthly fees, and that's assuming I can sell that many bottles without investing a dollar or minute of my time. Maybe that can happen, but with the struggles we've had to sell through our regular channels, I don't buy it.

I think online sales through a platform like this can work, but they require a pretty serious time and cash investment to make them work.

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Great thread and have just spoke to them last week. And in the end they said the fee is like a processing fee to be with them, but if we paid $3,000 and went for their inside marketing after 6 months we would start to see a ROI. Didn't feel right and so we will pass, but believe on-line is a growing market. 

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