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I am looking for a remote job.

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Hi All!
My name is Alexander, I live in Kiev, Ukraine (in Eastern Europe).

For the last several years I have been engaged in the development (calculations and technical design) of equipment for fast continuous distillation (stripping columns) and vacuum distillation. Different models are possible, both for home use and for industrial (volumes of 100,000 liters per day). Columns with diameters from 2" to 200". I have collected and studied a large library of the former USSR literature on the design and construction of continuous columns for various applications.
I have my own design of a vacuum distiller for home use (small volumes of alcohol), I have developed and can serially produce a microcontroller (electronic device) that completely controls the vacuum distillation process. Vacuum distillation allows the production of "aromatic alcohol" from fruit mash and can completely remove fusel (heavy) oils in one pass (run).
I have my own continuous column design (column stripping).

More information about me, and my experience and knowledge, you can read in my profile on this forum.

Since February 24, Russia has attacked Ukraine, many cities of Ukraine have been destroyed today. Because of the war, I lost my business in Ukraine.

I am looking for a remote job (because I cannot leave Ukraine, it is forbidden by the government) .
My family needs 500-1000 dollars a month in order to somehow survive this war time ...

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Sorry to hear of your situation Alex. I've read many of your posts and informative replies on these forums. With your knowledge and experience have you thought about starting a you tube channel? It's not an immediate income but once you have obtained a following it sure can be pretty lucrative.

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Thanks for the advice :)

but I'm not a photogenic TV star :)

this will be "another channel about alcohol on YouTube" ...

I will have to promote it for a long time, and maybe it will bring money. But... I'm not sure that "theoretical philosophies about how to make alcohol" will bring me hundreds of thousands of subscribers and views. Too narrow topic.

It is easier for me to work as a consultant, to perform rough and (or) exact calculations for alcohol columns. well, or generally advise those who have questions about the distillation of alcohol and obtaining various delicious drinks :)

I think this way is more productive in terms of money.

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