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Distiller Opportunity - Minnesota

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I would like to introduce you to Benchmark Consulting. We are long time wine and spirits industry recruiters based in Napa, CA.  http://www.benchmarkhr.com

We are looking for a Distiller to work collaboratively with the current team at this dynamic organization.  This role will provide production and maintenance support to ensure the site is achieving its overall goals and objectives.  Generous compensation package with potential relocation reimbursement.

Submit resume and/or direct inquiries to leslie@benchmarkhr.com.

The Client:

Distillery located on 25 acres in the lush, rolling hills of the Southern Minnesota River Valley.  The founders’ goal is to produce the finest product possible while creating a unique experience for visitors.  

The Distiller will work collaboratively with the current team in the day-to-day management of the company’s distillery.  This role will provide production and maintenance support to ensure the site is achieving its overall goals and objectives.

To be a good fit for this opportunity it is critical that you have 2 years of distillery experience ideally with both Pot Still and Reflux Column with a firm understanding of the fermentation and distillation process from beginning to end.  

Reporting Structure: This role reports into the Master Distiller 

Position Responsibilities:

·       Assists Master Distiller daily by helping to produce and maintain product quality.

·       Maintain daily reporting and TTB compliance information

·       Participates in day-to-day distillery and cellar operations, plant organization, maintenance and cleanliness

·       Be an active participant in sensory evaluations of raw materials, distillate, fermenting, and aged product, developing a logging and records system to help better understand nuances of distillation and maturation process.

·       Review daily inspections on raw materials through sight, aroma, test weight, moisture content and foreign material analysis

·       Assist in harvest operations, wine ingredient additions, yeast inoculations, fermentation, analyzing, blending, filtering, barrel work and bottling activities

·       Assist and support with all production and QC analysis for accuracy and potential beverage quality issues

·       Update Master Distiller daily on recently processed work 

·       Assist In maintaining accurate production, sanitation and cleaning records 

·       Assists with routine monthly bulk and finished inventory counts and record-keeping.

·       Keep informed in maintaining best practices and standard operating procedures to ensure quality, efficient increases in productivity and cost effectiveness

·       Help ensure that all staff complies with relevant safety requirements and to help comply with OSHA regulatory requirements. Assist in the development of a safety plan and policy to address daily work activities

·       Perform other tasks as required by the Distiller

·       Assist with hiring, training, supervising, providing ongoing instruction and safety support for seasonal and temporary employees

·       Assist with occasional strategic and some budgetary planning for annual operations, seasonal projects, harvest activities, staffing and ordering of supplies 

·       Participate in non-cellar related duties regarding in-house and outside event sales/marketing/promotional activities as needed


·       Should possess a minimum of 2 years distilled spirits or beverage plant experience

·       Must be comfortable and certified to operate a forklift and pallet-jack. (Employer will provide for initial and subsequent forklift certifications every 3 years.)

·       Possess strong leadership and problem-solving skills

·       Strong communication, analytical / problem solving, organizational skills, team building, and team-working skills

·       Bachelor’s Degree relevant scientific discipline or equivalent

·       Proficient with MS Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel and Word software.

·       Valid Driver license and clean driving record.  

·       Ability to lift and move 45 pounds, repetitively

Submit resume and/or direct inquiries to leslie@benchmarkhr.com.

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