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Your New Craft Distillery Partner - GNS/Bourbon/Whiskey/Rum/More

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TransChemical is your new Craft Distillery partner! We do custom bulk Bourbon/Whiskey distillation for any mash bill needed (pdf attached) with great pricing. This includes 95/5 rye, 75c/21r bourbon, 51c/45w bourbon, and anything else you may need. We work with nearly every major 190p/200p GNS producer across the Midwest and can provide tankers, totes, drums, and even rail. This is just a glimpse of the products that TransChemical can offer within the industry.

We supply many large brands, distilleries, and co-packing facilities Premium Grain Neutral Spirits (Ethanol/Vodka), New Make (Distillate) Bourbon/Whiskey, Aged Bourbon/Whiskey, Bulk Premium Tequila (Mixto/Agave), Malt Beverage Base, Beer Base (Hard Seltzer), Blenders, Rum, and other ingredients, and we would love to work as you continue to build. We frequently ship totes, tankers, and more to customers nationwide with great freight rates.

TransChemical has been in the alcohol business for nearly 40 years, and we would love to discuss any alcohol or other material (Citric Acid and more) that you currently source to see how we can help.


Bourbon Price Sheet TransChem.pdf

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