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I have a Schaefer labeler as shown here: http://www.tcw-web.com/Products/Labelers/Labelers.htm. It's used but in great condition. Since I no longer use glue labels, I would like to sell this one. Please contact me at robertjmorey@gmail.com.

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Does anyone have a used filling machine or label machine available. Or know where I might be able to purchase one?


We have a two head piston filler in excellent contion

5 years old - It is available for $3,800.00 FOB NJ

Send an email if you are interested and I will send you photo's



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Accutek is an equipment manufacturer located in San Diego, CA. We have lots of new machinery in stock and ready to ship. You can check out our web site at:


Please e-mail or call if you have any questions - I'd be glad to assist.

In a previous post, I talked about filling glass containers - typically this is accomplished with a fill to level style machine due to the volume inconsistencies found in glass containers. A fill to level machine such as a pressure overflow or vacuum filler will fill to the same "visual" fill level regardless of the internal volume of the glass. A volumetric filler (like the piston filler mentioned above) is a volumetric filler that will fill a specific volume. When a volumetric fill is used to fill glass, any internal volume inconsistencies in the glass will be apparent as the visual fill level will be different from container to container.

The labeler you are looking for - do you need front and back? If front and back, are the labels registered (to the container shape or each other)? Is the container round or non-round?

I can certainly understand attraction to the lower cost of purchasing a used filler but please keep in mind that the machine will be sold as is, will not carry a warranty, the original manufacturer may be out of business or may not be able to support the piece of equipment. Before you purchase a used piece, I would recommend getting the serial number, calling the OEM, and verifying the support available.

It may actually lead to greater cost if key components need to be replaced or tooling / change parts need to be changed to support your specific container - not so much in semi-auto equipment but for sure in automatic equipment.

If you have any questions on a specific manufacturer or machine, please feel free to give me a call or e-mail. I'll give you an honest opinion on quality and price and we may even be able to support another manufacturer's machinery.

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