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G&D Chiller (GD-40T-2) 208 Volt 3 Phase, Complete Turn-Key Glycol Chiller – Never Used

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G&D Chiller (GD-40T-2) 208 Volt 3 Phase, Complete Turn-Key Glycol ChillerNever Used

We bought this piece of equipment brand new.  We have never used it - never even had it hooked up to electricity or plumbed.  We are selling it because at our size we don't need this level of sophistication and it is not being used.  Rather than let it sit there until we grow into it, we are opting to sell it. $65,000 or best offer (sold where is, as is.  Location: Franklin MA).


  • tandem scroll compressors
  • chiller designed with 2 compressors for maximum redundancy & efficiency
  • Air cooled condenser with low ambient controls
  • all refrigeration piping complete
  • suction accumulators
  • liquid receivers with service valves
  • removable core filter dryers
  • sight glass
  • electronic expansion valve/solenoid valves (EXV)
  • hi/low pressure switches
  • oil failure control
  • fan cycling controls


  • stainless steel reservoir
  • chiller pump
  • chilled glycol process pump *With Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
  • temperature gauges
  • liquid filled pressure gauge
  • union and ball valve for pump isolation
  • all insulated copper piping


  • circuit breakers
  • motor starters
  • phase loss protection
  • motor overload protection
  • alternate relay (for equal run time)
  • microprocessor controls with communication
  • freeze stat
  • flow switch
  • hi/low pressure switch
  • oil failure protection
  • crank case heater
  • single point electrical connection

G&D Chiller Pic 1.jpg

G&D Chiller Pic 2.jpg

G&D Chiller Pic 3.jpg

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