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Condensation in bottle necks


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We are having issues with condensation forming in the bottle necks. We've tried making sure that the spirit and bottles are at the same temperature when bottling but still get the condensation. If you turn the bottle upside down it looks fine for a while, but the condensation comes back.

It seems to form as the bottles are filled (Enolmaster).

We usually bring the rum down close to bottling strength the night before and finish proofing shortly before bottling. Do we need to let it sit for more than an hour or so before bottling?

Any ideas on how to stop this?

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Hey Troy

I had that problem when I first started filling way back when. In my case I figured out I washing my bottles out with city water which for whatever reason (probably disolved solids in the water) left the residue in the neck.

Can't tell you the chemistry behind it but I use my RO water to to do it and it cleared up. The other alternative that I have seen it use air to clean out the debris in bottles. Don't know how that works though. Sterilization is not the issue since you are filling it with high proof spirit.

Hope you are doing well man.


Fat Dog Spirits


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Thanks Nick. I don't think that it's a residue in the neck though. Looks more like water vapor. Kind of like steam on glass that turns into drops. The bottles are completely dry when we start bottling.

Yes, I am doing well. Thanks. Just making and doing my best to sell some rum! How are things with you?

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Fyi... for those that may be looking for a solution to this problem in the future - in our case it was the bottles. Our newer bottles from the same manufacturer do not have this same problem. It is only with older ones from before they changed their method of manufacture.

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Typically our customers are rinsing their containers with the same spirit they are filling the container with. This allows the container to be rinsed and remove debris and there isn't any worry of potentially diluting the proof by some water residue left in the container. Note that most of our customers are rinsing the containers just prior to filling.

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