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Breathing Life into the Historical Jell-O Factory: Oatka Distillers - Kickstarter Campaign

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We are building a craft distillery in the old Jell-o factory. We need your support to get through the licensing and permitting process. Our goal is two-fold: build a distillery as an enduring business and breathe new life into the historical Jell-O factory complex to preserve this important part of our local history. This includes the costs of application fees, attorneys, consultants, architectural planning, and minor modifications to the building to bring it up to the required codes. 

Learn more on Kickstarter - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/oatkadistillers/oatka-o-at-ka-distillers We have created rewards for our backers based on your level of pledged support. Any help big or small is appreciated!

We will be documenting our journey on our YouTube channel. To hear a more in-depth explanation of the project watch our Episode 1. 

Oatka Distillers - YouTube Channel: Episode 1


Earl Funderburk




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