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Distillery Solutions, Craft Distillery Management Suite

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Hi everybody. I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself.

My name is Jason Lippa, the founder and owner of Distillery Solutions, makers of "Stillhouse", a Craft Distillery Management Suite.


Distillery Solutions has just released the first version of the long-awaited Stillhouse demo on our website.

Stillhouse has been in use and growing for about two years now at Stranahan's ® Colorado Whiskey. Constructed as a custom, in-house program for the distillery it has been built into a commercial product for the Craft Distilling industry.

Stillhouse is a full-fledged Craft Distillery Management Suite.

To touch on just a few of the Features/Applications within Stillhouse...

  • Order Management
  • Bailment Status
  • Payment Status
  • Donation Management / Accounting
  • Comp Accounting
  • Production Notes / Daily Reporting
    • Brew/Mash House
    • Fermentation
    • Post-Fermentation Holding
    • Distillation (Still House)
    • Spirit Holding
    • Storage Area / Barrel Management
    • Processing Area
    • Bottling Results

    [*] Employee Info/Timesheets

    [*] Distillapedia (A private Wikipedia for your Distillery)

    [*] Document Repository

    [*] Inventory Management

    [*] Accounting / Accounts Payable

    [*] Monthly Taxes / Reporting

    • Federal Reports
    • Federal Excise
    • State Reports
    • State Excise
    • State Taxes
    • City Taxes

    [*] Automated Tour Manager

    [*] Spent Barrel Manager

    [*] Volunteer List Manager

    [*] Newsletter List Manager

That's a brief overview that just skims the surface of the program. To say the least, it was built to be the central core and heartbeat of a Craft Distillery's operations.

The demo is out and we hope that you'll take a minute to look at it. Have a look at our website: http://www.distillerysolutions.com.

When it comes down to it, we're not selling you our software here - we're selling you your time back so that you can get back to your craft and getting it sold. The software is merely a tool to allow you the luxury.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to drop us a note at any time.

Cheers and all the best,

Jason Lippa


Distillery Solutions

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Looks like a nice system. Since I couldn't see pricing on your site yet I am going to presume this is a single, large package.

It sort of looks like using Quickbooks to keep your checkbook, though, for smaller folks. It would probably market better and sell to a broader client base if it was broken down into individual modules.

I can tell you we have no use for the accounting, have an account for that. And there are other areas we really wouldn't ever use. But there are some real nice things in the demo, but is it worth buying a complete package? Don't know.

Get the smaller folks hooked and they will keep adding on to the program as they grow.

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