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Distillery software integration with SAP

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The distillery I'm opening up is actually part of a larger company that uses SAP. I have chosen to go with Ohanafy as our distillery software, and I think that will go great. The hard part here is the integration of the two softwares. Does anyone have any experience with SAP, or with integrating their distilling software into a larger system? Any tips or tricks?

I have no experience with SAP but honestly it looks like a nightmare. If anyone has experience with SAP and has any advice specifically for that I would love that as well.

Thanks in advance!

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Having been a user of SAP at several companies, I always joked to sales leadership that if they ever wanted to hire an incredible salesperson, hire the guy that sold us this SAP.  He's a f-ing incredible sales guy.  If someone could sell that, they could sell anything. 

Good luck!

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@jocko You're not wrong! I have no experience with it before this job, but as I am learning about it... yikes. I don't know who decided to bring it on board here, but whoever did has made a lot of enemies, especially with the folks who work with it the most!


We even have several SAP consultants on board to help with the integration, and even they are struggling!

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