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Hello from BC

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Hello, my name is James and I am in the early planning stages for an artisnal distillery on the Canadian wet coast.

The plan is to make eau-de-vie, vodka, gin, whiskey (white & aged), and various liqueurs.

We'll be using scaled-up versions of a continuous column and a pot-column that I designed, built, tested (& destroyed so I can sleep at night :)

With the Internet as my mentor, I feel I've earned the equivalent of a M.Sc and Dip.Dist. but this site is very helpful for the business side of the equation. Thanks for all your help!


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Hi James!

When you're ready to start looking into your packaging, please feel free to call / email me. We are a one-stop shop offering glass, printed cartons, bartops, capsules and a screen printed label, plus we'll arrange the freight.


Universal Packaging Inc.


1-866-549-1323 ex217

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