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Greetings from South Carolina!

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Hello all,

Like many before me, I found this forum and the ADI through personal curiosity. What an amazing treasure trove of information for someone like me who has an interest in the beverage industry. Thank you to all who contribute and share the vast amount of knowledge, know-how, and advice on these boards.

Again like many others, I've been bumping around the forum for a while reading and learning. I'm based out of Charleston, SC (so far I've only seen Palmetto Coast say he's from South Carolina), not too far from the Firefly Distillery if any of you know of it. In terms of my interest, my soon to be wife and I both have full time careers outside of the beverage industry, but a craft distillery/brewery are both things we are very interested in getting involved in as a shared (foolish, but fun and exciting) labor in several years. This year we'll begin touring around to several distilleries and workshops to begin to learn the basics of the day-to-day life of whichever distillers would be kind enough to host us in their distillery, or pencil us into their workshop schedules.

It is very exciting to have access to the almost real time opinions and thoughts of the first/second generation pioneers of the craft distilling business in the US. I look forward to many great discussions and catching up on the ones that have already occurred.


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