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Greetings From West Michigan

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Hello All.

Have been registered for a few weeks now and thought I should probably say a quick hello. My name is Ben Fris and I run the distillery here at New Holland Brewing Co. We just got legislation passed to be able to sell grain based spirits over our bar so we will soon be releasing our Knickerbocker Gin, Line of Freshwater Rums (Huron- White, Michigan- Amber, Superior- Single Barrel) , and Zeppelin Bend Whiskey. Currently we sell a line of flavored Brandies. Before this law passed (Bill #5925) we were only able to serve fruit based spirit in our "tasting room"(which is our bar). This was do to the fact that the first distilleries in Michigan were wineries and therefore the laws were written to protect their agricultural standpoint. Now, after a lot of hard work from a lot of people around the state, including Kris Berglund (MSU artisan distillers program) and our very own Brett Vanderkamp (president New Holland), we are finally able to sell grain (as well as other fermentable sugar) based spirit. A very big victory for Michigan Distillers! Look forward to being a contributor on the forum, and don't hesitate to give me shout or, if you're in the area, stop by and see us!


Ben Fris

New Holland Brewing Co. and Artisan Spirits



Creative People ~ Remarkable Results

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