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Distiller's Party

MB Roland

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Paul & MB are thinking of hosting a distiller's party this year (jam session) around June/July timeframe. Considering we're located in the heartland (Pembroke, Kentucky) and moderately easy to find as well as being in the middle of 100 acres, we thought it would be a great idea for us to get together and kick back and have a good time without any business pressures whatsoever. We'll have a live band, great food, and good times with like-minded folks. Obviously we'll provide some drinks, and if anyone wants to share their own crazy inventions, please bring them along!

If you'd like to toss a tent in the yard/fields, you're more than welcome, and there are some good hotels around as well. If you set up a tent, MB will cook breakfast. No complaining about the food service allowed! :)

We feel we wouldn't be here without this forum. We are so very thankful to all of you for your insight and wisdom and would love a weekend for all of us to get together and let our hair down and have a great time. We'll treat you to a little Southern hospitality with a kick.

We're trying to get an idea of anyone that might be interested. If so, you're welcome to reply to this thread or e-mail paul@mbrdistillery.com or mb@mbrdistillery.com. If not, then we hope to catch you another time.

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