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TALES OF THE COCKTAIL in New Orleans, for those who did not attend, was an eye opener. The COCKTAIL CULTURE is not only alive and well, it is growing and increasing in sophistication daily. Witness the attendance at TALES, up 100% over last year and with a substantial international attendance as well as mixologists and bartenders from all across the US. The enthusiasm was contagious. The seminars very informative and well organized. Overall the event (from an event producer's perspective) was very well put together and staged. Staff was helpful and friendly. The range of information available was broad. Presenters were knowlegable and interesting.

The most important lesson taken from the (lengthy) event for the Craft Distiller is that the future for small brands is bright. The overwhelming response to craft products among the professionals in attendence was "Thank god, something NEW!" The welcome and encouragement we received from the barmen and women, the club owners and the top celebrities in the industry made clear, the foreseeable future of the cocktail market is brightest for the small unique crafted brands.

And we're only at the start of the revitalization of the cocktail market.

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Guest Liberty Bar - Seattle

Hey there.

At the last moment I was unable to go - but a number of friends went and if I was not simply jealous that they were able to go, my jealousy was was magnified after hearing about the great event.

I'm looking forward to Robert Hess' and other's reviews of the convention. Really - it sounded like an amazing few days.

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