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Non Profit donations in controlled states


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I have been contacted by multiple charity organizations lately wanting donations of spirits for events, auctions, etc. I am in North Carolina which is a control state. I would love to help these organizations but I am not sure if it is financially feasible. I know this is more of a question for my state ABC but can I just donate the spirit and pay the Fed taxes or do I need to repurchase my gin from a state ABC store? Since im not saleing it I would think I could donate it.


Alex Mauney

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Everyone wants their cut my friend. If the state isn't getting their tax, than I can almost promise you that you aren't legal. If you have a "gift shop" and can sell, than there's a possibility that you giving it away is legal because the taxes are paid. Bottom line, if the taxes aren't paid at all levels, you have to be cautious.

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