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Problems with mashing, yeast performance, and attentuation?

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I've been getting swamped with emails from some of you who need help troubleshooting their mashing and fermentations. I don't mind helping, so feel free to continue to email me with questions,

but I'm getting really short on time these days...

So, here's some unasked for advice:

Briess Malting sent out a nice letter that I received today outlining their release of a line of distillery-specific grains and malts. Finally. When we started this whole

thing, you had to go to Scotland to get bagged distiler's malt (damn kids, get off my lawn).

Anway, for those of you who are having trouble with mashing and getting full attenuation, write down every single part of your process. Everything from

your water treatment and a copy of your water specs, to the type of thermometer you use and how often you calibrate it. Don't miss anything, and keep the pad

of paper handing as you mash a few times to make sure you don't miss anything. Take it to the ADI conference.

David Richter from Briess Malt will be at ADI conference to present a paper, and he can go over your mashing regime and work out the bugs. It will

be well worth your time. His email is david.richter@briess.com Let him know you'll be there, and he'll set aside some time for you. He's well acquainted

with yeast handling as well, so he's completely equipped to help you improve yield and attenuation. This is free help, folks. That said, if you do

use the man for help, it would be poor form to not use his malt/grains in some way or another. Enough said.

Those of you who can't make it, remember that all of the malthouses out there have staff brewers in-house. Most have years of hands on experience, and have

seen or heard of every possible problem in the brewhouse/mash room. They're right there to help you. You can even call them and ask them to stop by your

shop when they are in the neighborhood, as many of these malthouse reps are out on the road.

BTW, no I don't work for Briess, and no I don't currently use their malts (sorry, David). But they are a very well respected outfit, and know their stuff.

Cheers, all.

Todd Leopold

Leopold Bros.

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