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10 gallon Revenoor Still for Sale

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Revenoor 10 gal electric still with thermostat up for sale for $1,200 obo.

I obtained it from someone that hadn't used it in some time so I replaced the electrical cord with one that is water resistant and 8 feet long. Also replaced the 2200 watt heating element but left the thermostat (set at 170 in the black box) and it seemed to keep the boiler temp around 200 to 210. Needle valves for regulating internal coil and condensing coil regulate the column temp really well. I ran 4 gallons of vinegar, 2 + gallons feints, and about 40 gallons of water through her. No leaks and she's clean inside and out. 1 psi valve on the top of the column works as well. Hoses have been added. Water hose comes with standard female garden hose fitting and outlet hose is 10'. All held on with SS hose clamps. I didn't pay close attention but I think it heated about 10 gallons of water in 40 minutes or so. The side of the boiler will be warm to the touch in the first few minutes of plugging it in. This thing is built like a tank and all welds are cooper or silver solder. You can see this still sells for $1565 + Shipping at Revenoor.com (http://www.revenoor....OurProducts.htm ... =12&step=4). This unit does have the "highly polished" option as well.

Below is description from the Revenoor site..

These solid copper units come with a safety valve, 2 Stainless Steel Thermometers and have their own heat source. The 10 Gallon Electric or Propane still produces about 1 to 1 1/2 gallons of alcohol in 2 hours. The 10 Gallon Electric still is thermostatically controlled and ready to plug into any 115 VAC household outlet. The 10 Gallon Electric comes with a Ball Valve standard.

I live in NW Washington. If you live close I can meet you somewhere for delivery or I'll get you a shipping estimate.



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