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Padlock suggestions?

Jedd Haas

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It looks like I need to buy a padlock. The TTB is unwilling to suggest a brand that meets their requirements, but perhaps someone can suggest a particular brand and model of padlock that cut the mustard?

I'm copying the TTB specs below for reference and the further amusement of anyone who hasn't seen them yet.

(e) Approved locks.

(1) Approved locks shall be used to secure:

(i) Outdoor tanks containing spirits in the storage account or on an enclosure around such tanks;

(ii) Indoor tanks containing spirits in the storage account or on the door from which access may be gained from the outside to the rooms or buildings in which such tanks are housed; and

(iii) Any doors from which access may be gained from the outside to rooms or buildings containing spirits in portable bulk containers in the storage account.

(2) Approved locks shall meet the following minimum specifications:

(i) Corresponding serial number on the lock and on the key, except for master key locking systems;

(ii) Case hardened shackle at least one-fourth inch in diameter, with heel and toe locking;

(iii) Body width of at least 2 inches

(iv) Captured key feature (key may not be removed while shackle is unlocked);

(v) Tumbler with at least 5 pins; and

(vi) Lock or key contains no bitting data.

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Print out the specs just in case, bring it to a hardware store, they will have to call Master Lock and order them for you. The model number for those specs SHOULD BE 6850MKNR. I'd get a few God keys (that open all of them) with the order, they'll also come with individual keys for each lock. You're welcome.

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hi Paul, I found the 6850 on the Master site, although no mention of the MKNR variation.


I'm going to check with some lock guys and see what they have to say. Does MKNR refer to the "captured key feature?" It seems that the base model specs of the 6850 cover the other ttb requirements.

Steve, did you mean "Medeco's Premium High Security Padlocks" per this page?


Do you have the link to the page on the TTB site that shows this lock? I searched both google and the ttb site for "padlock" and "medeco" but came up blank.

Thanks, guys, and please keep any suggestions coming.

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Got a Master Locksmith I can run this by for you if you like- but either of those sound like they would work.

Just make sure the wall on either side of the lock will hold up to a large sawz all to or equivalent.biggrin.gif

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Bringing this topic back with an extra question:

Our facility only has one entry/exit, which is the front door (two if you count the roll-up door to the loading dock).

We can't padlock the door, because it's also the fire exit. The locksmith recommended a storeroom lock that requires a key to get in, but anyone can get out.

What's the usual recourse here? Anyone run into trouble over an "unusual" lock like this?

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Old thread, thought I would add a good experience..

filled out an online request at masterlock website, requesting key retaining, no numbers on keys(no bitting data) and laser etched logo..

the order was forwarded to Hodge products ( hpionline.com ), and rep Camie answered all my questions and sent me a proof of the etching before ordering was complete.. a couple weeks to receive locks... very happy...

got 7 series 6850 locks for ~$160 shipped... the laser etching is really deep and will not wear off...


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