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Looking for a person or company that is very good at label designs,any ideas.

I am the art director for ADI and I do label design as well as the ADI Directory and Distiller magazine, among other things. Indiana Vodka, by Heartland Distillers is my most recent label.




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Looking for a person or company that is very good at label designs,any ideas.

Hi there,

My graphic artist is very good. She works from her home which makes her extremely reasonable in price. She designed my label and currently does free lance work for many reputable companies, including Christopher R. Coppola. Please give her a look!

Attached is a sample of the label she did for my bottle. I am sure she would be happy to send you a pdf of her work.

Her name is Marian.

Email: arvani_MK@yahoo.com

Mobile: 562-322-4768

Good Luck!


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Hello, I am very experienced in label design and packaging and am currently looking for new clients in the spirits industry. You can view my portfolio at www.nectargraphics.com

Love to hear from you.

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Hi BP, not sure if you mean a paper label or a screen printed label, but as a screen priner we deal with several wonderful designers. Here are a few that are very familiar with our process and expetations.

Brandever Strategies (Bernie/Laurie)

Vancouver, Canada

(604) 269-2326

Ignite Advetising (Dave)

Portland, OR

(503) 244-0836

Blind Renaissance Design (Kirk/Elena)

Wenathcee, WA

(509) 884-0404

Carew Co. (Paul)

Boise, ID

(208) 343-1664

CKA Creative (Jim)

Seattle, WA

(206) 448-9274

Sonia Jones Design (Sonia)

Portlan, OR

(503) 577-9501

Hope this helps.


Universal Packaging Corp.


tel: 1-866-549-1323 ex217

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First, you should recognize that developing a brand name is one job, while designing a logo is another; and designing labels is yet another. While they are related, it's important to recognize the different skills required in each area.

If you hire a large agency, they'll likely have all the skills in-house. This will be an ad agency, marketing company, design agency, or "branding" agency, to use a few common terms. These agencies can range in size from a few people up to giant firms with hundreds or thousands of staff members.

These large firms will charge anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 (or more) for your "identity package" of all the items you listed above. For a typical smaller firm (20 employees or less) it could be more in the range of $8,000 to $15,000. The exact amount will depend on the parameters you set. If you simply go to these companies and ask "how much" they may well quote a higher amount. The reason is that your questions suggest you don't have much familiarity with how these agencies work; hence, they'll include "client education" in their price, although they probably won't tell you this. You might think this is elitist or unfair of them, but it's a fact of the design business that working with someone who knows the process is more cost-efficient; working with clients who aren't familiar with the process requires more time and hand-holding.

An alternative is to use a separate "naming" company that specializes in coming up with names. I'm somewhat dubious of these companies, as it seems their method is often to come up with a few thousand names and hope something sticks, for a hefty fee.

A more cost-effective approach would be to use individual designer who also does naming. The best approach here is to look at a lot of portfolios; find a style you like, and then begin a conversation.

Keep in mind that opening with "how much" is kind of like asking how much a car costs before you set foot on the lot. What kind of car do you want? What kind of name do you want? What is your expectation for the style and quality of the logo and label? If you're willing to do some of this "homework" you can expect a smoother process and a more exact price.

Disclaimer: I have run a small graphic design agency for some 20 years and have participated in the naming process, corporate identity development, and numerous design projects of all kinds.

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Looking for a good label designer who can create an eye-catching brand identity for your products? We have just gone to market with our product using a label designed by a remarkably talented and attentive designer: Lost Marbles Design Group here in St. Louis. Caren Schlossberg-Wood, the head designer, is very creative, gets to know the product and the producer, and then generates a range of possible designs from which the producer can choose. She works with you to make sure that the look and the message is just right for you and your product. She handles all the small and large details necessary to make sure the labels are produced with both quality and economy in mind. Lost Marbles Design Group will also help you generate ideas to improve shelf presence and develop marketing tools, with an eye to continuity and good brand management.

Lost Marbles Design Group is an experienced design practice with a very impressive portfolio, and their work is always right on the mark! I'm recommending Lost Marbles because we are very lucky to have been introduced to them. Here's the contact information:

Lost Marbles Design Group | Caren Schlossberg-Wood, Principal Graphic Designer

314.646.1243 ph | lostmarblesdesign@earthlink.net

Bill Foster

OTT Enterprises, LLC


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Hi there, my name is Katie Henley and I work for a glass decorating company out of Chattanooga TN. Chattanooga Labeling Systems. We screen print, spray bottles, decal bottles, and apply Pressure Sensitive Labels. We have been helping companies in the spirit, wine, and beer industry achieve any and all of their packaging needs for over 20 years. Feel free to contact me, my email is khenley@clsdeco for more information, or give me a call at 423.825.2125.

We work with many start up companies, so we can help you out with sourcing glass and packaging materials, label design, etc.

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