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I am curious if anyone has any recommendations for packaging suppliers? We are in the market for both labels and shipment boxes. Thanks!

I'd recommend finding shipping boxes locally if you can- they are heavy in bulk and you may end up spending a lot to ship them in. Not sure about Montana, but here in WI you can't swing a dead cat without hitting a corrugated company.

With labels you need to decide what kind of quantities you want. There are a lot of printers getting into digital presses which make a lot of sense for small run quantities (less than 10,000 labels) more than that and you may want to go with traditional printing- of course then you'll have plate/screen charges...

One small run (digital) printer I can recommend is Fly Packaging in Wausau, WI. number is 888-376-3911 Talk to Will. They are a new company, and they've done several proofs for some small run products we're coming out with. They looked fantastic and price was reasonable- we'll be using them.

Good luck!

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Another subtopic to this, what has been a popular case size? 6 or 12 bottles? I've bounced that off of a few wholesalers and brokers and have got mixed responses.

We use both 6 and 12 bottle cases, depending on the product. From my experience, the case size is in some ways a reflection of the price point & volume sales of the product. Most higher end vodkas & gins, for example, come in 6-pack cases (to keep the cost/commitment down for the retailer), but some are in 12's. I think either is workable, it's just that a 12-pack case can be a bit of a barrier to sales if the pricing is tied to buying full cases. At the same time, it pushes more product out and is more economical for the distillery (we did our own distribution for a long time, so we went with 12-pack cases for our mainstream products).

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Hello all, My name is Paul Noble; I am the New Business Sales Executive for Pretium Packaging; and a current ADI member. I would welcome the opportunity to introduce myself and the Pretium organization, and discuss the potential of developing a mutually beneficial business relationship between our two organizations.

At Pretium Packaging, creating the best plastic packaging available is more than just a process. It's a passion. This is evident when you look at all of our innovative design solutions.

There's more to our packaging than just plastic, we also provide value-added services that you usually don't expect from a product-oriented business like ours. This includes everything from personal customer service and custom design, to delivery and inventory programs to meet your needs.

Our commitment to teamwork and our flexible manufacturing capabilities allow us to exceed your expectations by providing goods and services of the highest quality. With all this in place, you begin to realize that Pretium Packaging really is reshaping the plastic packaging industry.

Many of the Craft Distillers I've already met with have great products which they are doing a disservice to themselves; by packaging them into whatever container is readily available. As a plastic container salesman, I admit I have a bais toward PET bottles. I would welcome the opportunity to share some ideas how a stock or custom PET container can help your organization's product line with sustainability programs, supply issues, and simply to make your products stand out on the shelf.

I have attached a list of our stock liquor containers, all of which have a one pallet minimum; and we typically carry floor stock for immediate delivery.

I look forward to hearing from you, have a great day.


Paul Noble

New Business Sales Executive

Pretium Packaging

17 McHenry Ave

Crystal Lake, IL 60014

Ph: 815-356-7355

Fx: 815-356-7356

Email: pnoble@pretiumpkg.com



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