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Professional Grade Wine Thief and Siphon Starter

Absinthe Pete

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So I needed a high alcohol tolerant and food grade siphon starter and wine thief. Well I made a whole bunch for the distillery.

The siphon starter has a feature the others don't you can push down on the racking can to stop the flow as opposed to lifting the whole thing out of the container and upsetting sediment. Both the siphon starter and the wine thief have adjustable rings on the tube to set height. For both you don't have to hold them up if you're trying to avoid sediment.

The best part is that they come apart easily for cleaning. The siphon starter is small for my home use, but I made one for the distillery that uses 1" ID hose. I'm sure that some people might want these if you're interested let me know and I'll see what I can come up with for pricing. If a lot of people want them it would of course make them cheaper.

Click on the links for pics.



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Is that 304 or 314 type stainless? Can it be electropolished? If you have a number of the plastic parts milled, you might also consider selling those as a kit where we can add our own metal tubing at any length, material, and/or finish.

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I'm gonna say they are $85 each not including shipping. Just remember I make them by hand. If I get a lot of orders I'll drop the price. I'm not sure how much shipping will be but I can't image it'll be much.

If you want just the polypropylene parts make it $80 as the tube needs no work done to it and only cost me $5. It's the plastic parts that take time to make. The plastic is alcohol resistant and is made from polypropylene and they have O-rings to seal them completely.

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