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Stainless 30 gallon vessel, for boiler or spirit storage

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Our 30 gallon boilers have arrived.

designed as a matching boiler for our 4" stainless column (in final stages of development)

can also be used as a spirit/low wines vessel.

Vessel has a 30 gallon charge capacity, approximately 35 gallons total capacity

304ss construction

Mirror polish

8" manway

1- 4"triclamp on top (for column connection)

2-2" triclamp on top (accessory connection)

3-2" triclamp around perimeter/bottom (heating element connection)

1-2" triclamp on bottom (drain)

3 leg design with levelers.


Boilers are boxed in plywood crates ready to be shipped

<edit>we did a run of 10, first 3 have sold already since posting them up for sale.</edit>


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How is the manway held shut? It's not clear from the picture. Does that screw handle thing on the right have a washer butting against the lid? What kind of seal is on the manway?

this picture might show it better than I can explain


picture was taken during fabrication, so thus the dirtiness inside.

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Hey Folks,

I couldnt stand by on this and not throw my hat in.

I hate like hell to buy foreign parts, but its necessary most of the time to stay competitive. I build stills in Maine. yes, thats in America...more specifically North America. I have had hundreds of conversations with aspiring distillers who have one common thread-the desire to open and run their own distillery. that coupled with the need to keep opening and operating costs down. Thats who I am also. There are several units in use that I have built at legal DSP's. Id love for them to chime in here. That's up to them though.

I looked into going direct to China. One step buying has been made easy. Get them some good Cad drawings and order it. I wouldnt do it then and wont ever in the future. I am building a business for me and my family. I think most people have that same goal. its not easy, but its worth it. My good friend Bob says "careful what you wish for..." I think thats the extent of his Chinese proverbs.

Here is a phrase I thought I would look up and share. :)

" 是老板 "

say it in english with me..." Yes Boss"

Even if you dont listen to country music regularly, give a listen to Toby Keith's "Made in America"



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as a matter of courtesy I have not commented in any one else's for sale threads nor have I contacted people expressing interest in their products.

Many on the forums here feel that buying stills manufactured in Germany, Hungary or France are acceptable. Why then would there be an issue with a still designed to meet a microdistillery's specific requirements, designed and supported by people here, but the pieces fabricated in China.

This is a thread listing an item for sale, it is not meant to be a political discussion, to make it so or to advertise your own products is just bad form.

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Perhaps Jesse was a bit out of line, but I think it adds to the discussion to be more on the freewheeling side. I think it would be valuable if Jesse were more specific about his antipathy to purchasing from China.

VB makes an interesting point: that many on this forum buy stills from Germany (for example) without a second thought.

While it's true China has a bad reputation for poor quality, I think this may be changing. I have a friend who manufactures some products in China. He's quite clear in expressing that while there are many poor-quality factories in China, there are many that are quite excellent. As he points out, one's ability to source excellent quality from China is highly dependent on your connections and the (lengthy) time you put into building relationships. It's a different way of doing business, but not completely different. I'll note that my friend's products (unrelated to distilling) are of excellent quality.

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this is very true, the old adage "you get what you pay for" applies in China most defiantly.

You can get anything made at any level of quality, but you have to be willing to spend appropriately.

China had a poor reputation for quality because of Walmart, they want it cheap as possible, so thats the level of quality they get.

we spoke with many factories, and had some make test pieces for us.

there were many who said they could build it cheaper, and they did with much lower quality as well.

a great deal of money was spent finding the right people to work with.

But now we have a working relationship with the factory, quality control is closely monitored. we pay more to have it built by them because we know we can trust them to do it right. Also My partner is a retired Texan who formerly owned a fabrication shop, living in China, inspects and signs off on all work.

A solid CAD design doesn't mean they will build exactly what you draw. you need the right people for that.

Also consider Stills are only a part of what we do. Every still is custom designed for the client, Onsite consulting for complete plant layout and process, Product Development and aging. If you needed a turn Key operation, we can do that (but stills and equipment design are my area of responsibility).

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To all,

When I responded to this post, I didnt realize that its origin was in the "For Sale" heading. I did not realize that and wouldnt have opened up the discussion about foreign trade or expressed that my stillls were American made. I apologise to you VB and the members for my oversight.

The work shown above is beautiful. No matter where it was made.

Jesse J. Lupo

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Getting back to the 30 gallon boiler, I notice the picture appears to show a seal on the manway. Is this a teflon seal or some other material? Are seals included (or not) on the other openings?

all openings except the 4" on top, have caps clamps and tefflon seals.

the manway seal is food grade silicone, boilers come with a spare manway seal.

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While it's true China has a bad reputation for poor quality

My issue is 1.Outsourcing jobs 2.Who is going to service the stills. I don't believe its poor quality.

Three Chinese workers find themselves locked up, and they ask each other what they’re in for. The first man says: “I was always ten minutes late to work, so I was accused of sabotage.” The second man says: “I was always ten minutes early to work, so I was accused of espionage.” The third man says: “I always got to work on time, so I was accused of having a Western watch.”

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we have a team of people in the U.S. who will be available for onsite consulting, as well our distributor is in Mobile Alabama if there is any problems.

but for the most part these units don't require service beyond replacement gaskets.

our stills outsource jobs no more so than buying a German Still, and send far less money outside the country.

I've yet to see a post railing against German stills.

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