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Opinions on my Idea?

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Can anyone tell me if this is a realistic plan and offer anything obvious I am not considering.

I would like to create my own bourbon. To do this, I am considering two paths. The first is to start a micro distillery as most of you have. It is something I want to do but my hesitation is I really want to make bourbon. The time it will take to get one up and running and the aging requirements are important factors in my decision. I will most likely venture into other spirits but it will not be my main focus if I did a micro distillery.

In order to get things rolling and establish a brand with a better funded marketing plan rather than buying a still, I am considering having someone else distil it for me. I have not explored completely the next steps as far as aging, location of barrels when being aged or bottling yet.

I want this to be a true KY bourbon so I am hoping to find someone to make it for me in KY. I have many reasons for this but I haven't had much luck yet.

Once I find someone to make it, I will concentrate on the legal issues. Will the TTB be helpful and tell me the paperwork I need if I call? At a minimum, I am assuming I would have to be bonded So I can have it transferred to me to bottle and label it and then transfer it to a distributor to sell it. In KY, I would have to sell it to a distributer and then buy it back for tastings.

Does this plan sound realistic?

Thanks in advance,


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You could be licensed as a warehouser and a rectifier/bottler, to allow you to have someone else distill the product for you and put in into barrels. Then you could have a bonded warehouse and bottling facility and transfer the barrels in bond to your location. TTB can help you with that.

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