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Curious after DPM posting in the "For Sale" Section, I wanted to see the Vitro Vallarta bottle. I "google" d Vitro Vallarta to get to Vitro's catalog. The below is what I got (# 1 response). My question is, is all we write on the forums so readily available and not held within our community?.

Cheers, Bob

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  1. NEW 750ML Clear Wine Bottles & Corks For SALE! VITRO - ADI Forums
    adiforums.com › ADI ForumsMarketplaceFor SaleCached
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    I have an overstock of Vitro Vallarta Clear 750ML Wine bottles and Widget Cork Co corks for sale. I will sell corks for 1/2 of what I paid for and b...

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Keeping the google bots out would actually be very simple without impacting the user experience if that is what you want. Simply create a robots.txt file and you can direct the major search engines on what parts of the site, if any, to index.

I personally don't have a problem with discussion on here being public. Just keep it in mind when you post.

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