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Label printers and labeling machines


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I'm getting ready to open this month and have begun looking for equipment. Any recommendations on a lablel printer and tabletop labeling machine that will do front and back in one pass. I'm interested if some one has a used machine they might want to sell.

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Can't tell if you are looking for an in-house label printer -or- somwhere to send out your files to be printed on pressure sensative material.

For the in-house thing... There's a primera label printer for sale on the wine board:


If you're looking to send them out, I've had good conversations with both Planet Label (for great prices and super quick turnaround on digital) and Land Mark Label (i've scene the quality of their work and it looks top notch). I'm still waiting on my label to be approved before sending it out so I can't comment on the acutal end result or experience from either of these printers, but I'd say either would be a really good place to start.

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We have a M.E.P Etc 240 labeller. They are made in itally for the small scale olive oil and wine industry. It is a brilliant unit. Handles front and back labels off the same web, and square bottles with an attachment. Not sure of the USA dealer, but you can see it here at Core http://www.core-equi...oduct/1469/6521


We tried most of the small benchtop hand labellers (Benchmate) and they are complete rubbish, expensive and fussy.

As for label printers, to print high quality labels yourself is difficult. We looked at a number of 4 colour label printers and the quality is ok, but no where near that of a professionally printed labels. Several areas DIY label printers will let you down;

  1. Most are either thermal or dye sublimation. Thermal fade in the sun and dye sub are not 100% water fast, they are definitly not alcohol proof.
  2. Their consumables are very expensive
  3. Print quality is average
  4. You must either be satifified with a basic square or oval stock shapes, or have an external label house knife you up custome shapes

Having said all that, we do use pre-printed labels, and pass them through our own label printer for small runs of custom product, we get a lot of Wedding commissions, 200 bottles of Dave and Mary's Wedding Vodka :-)

Be sure you test and evaluate really well.

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Hi everyone,

I just discovered this forum a few days ago and I thought it was a really good idea to share past experiences for equipments.

I work for CDA, a French manufacturer of semi-automatic and automatic labelers very reliables and all computerized.

We are going to expose 3 of our machines at the Pack Expo this October 28-31 in Chicago in order to introduce our

machines in the US. We actually have 2 American customers yet.

Let me know if you are interested to come to the show. (www.cdafrance.com)

Best regards,


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I'll put my recommendation in for Label One Connect in Beaverton, OR. Great unit, very well built, and made right here in the USA. We are using the VERT machine. Check them out:


Can you tell me what you paid for the VERT machine?

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