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We are a Louisville based Company looking for Micro distillers that can/want to offer a brand new whisky experience for their local/regional customers. We are setting up meetings in Louisville during this years ADI conference to discuss our product and how we can work with you and your distillery to successfully launch a new product in your region. We have a track record of success with this product.

We are looking for 1 distillery for each state. We can meet anytime during your visit to Louisville, mornings, noon or night and we have a downtown location to meet with you, just a few blocks from the Brown Hotel, the conference host hotel. If you would like to meet with us, reply in confidence to ah104@bellsouth.net with you contact information and the date/time you'd like to meet. We can also set up a call in advance to introduce ourselves and give you a little more background on who we are. Looking forward to talking with you all and if we don't meet, enjoy your visit to the Bourbon Capital of the World!


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