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ADI Conference program?

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We are just setting up to register and attend this year's conference. The dates are April 1 to April 4. Is the Program available so we can set our flights accordingly? Also, what would be the 2nd favorite hotel? I did try to download from the Distilling.com but was unable. Is that unique to me?

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Being from Louisville, I would suggest one of the following;

Galt House - Has a very nice Bourbon Bar - moderately priced

21C - High priced but very nice. Great bar, lots of Bourbon

Marriott - Its a Nice Marriott but has a nice Bourbon Bar.

Seelbach (Hilton) - Another very nice, high priced with great Bourbon Bar.

First 3 three are all about the same distance from the Brown, about 8 blocks.

Seelbach about 4 blocks away.

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Any suggestions please for accommodation either side of conference.

I am OK for conference but need a couple of days before and after

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