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Coop- You aren't getting any haze or particulate forming from minerals in the water? If so you are lucky. Most places you have to use distilled water or reverse osmosis treated water because of the minerals. I am getting the local water tests, but know that even filtering down to .2 microns, which we do for all our water, won't stop hazing.

Here in Cedaredge Colorado our water is so clean and pure that all I need to do is use an activated carbon cartrage behind a sedement filter and it is pure and clean. Coop
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We get nothing here. After cutting and filling our Vodka, Gin it is like looking through an open window to the world. Crystal clear, pure and clean water. We are able to keep our coffee pots for years and years without ever having to clean them with vinegar. No sediment at all. The only reason there is chlorine in it is the state requires it. Coop

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