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Distilled from beans?

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As per usual out of my element on this, and I'm sure someone can/will offer a more comprehensive answer. My first thought is that such a thing can be done, that the prerequisite carbohydrates/protein would be present in a sprouted bean. That's why sprouts on the salad bar are good for you, they have a combination of things that are necessary for supporting the life of a plant. And I believe that the edamame used for tempeh undergoes a fermentation stage.

I do not know what kind of optimal parameters you would need for malting/drying beans, or where to start hypothesizing about the characteristics of alcohol yeilded from such a fermentable.

The best answer you will probably get is from the experience of doing it. Double the amount of beans you would soak for general eating purposes, after they have soaked over night separate half for making soup or beans and leave the rest until they have just begun to sprout. Determination of sprouting for whatever bean you chose is available online, but visual inspection probably wouldn't fail you if you just want to know if it's possible. Rinse both batches before use, eat the first ones, ferment the sprouts. It'll be win-win, or maybe win-lose. Alternatively, maybe try buying hippy flour at the store: chickpea, millet, etc. Dissolve it into hot water for half an hour and throw it into a growler with some yeast. If you get bubbling, you'll get alcohol...and if you have access to a rotovape let me know how the distillate turns out. Best of luck.

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Wow. Nearly 100 views and not a single thought or words of encouragement. Sorry for wasting everyone's time.

Everyone looks at all new post if it interest them. You wasted no ones time. You ask for advice and no doubt only one person had any. Do not take it personal, I am 65 years old and I know of No Body that has tried beans for anything except mabey chilie and beans, too much gas. Coop

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Please refer to this link regarding starch levels in food:


You will see that beans start right in around 22g, way lower than rice, potatoes, wheat and corn. You will need twice the amount of beans to reach the same level of corn starch. It can be done, but it will cost you. Not sure on the taste though...

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