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Has anyone used apple pulp from a juice company before?


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Hi Folks-

I am looking for someone that has experience in using apples that have been pressed by a juice company to be used in the base for brandy and perhaps vodka (if achievable). What I can get my hands on is $25 for a 1,000 pounds with a moisture content of 12-15%. I can get them regularly, easily, and pay no shipping on them. So....if anyone has experience with using apple pulp please post up or IM me, I'd really like to hear from you.

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Sounds like grappa to me, just apples. Could be very interesting, key might be getting a good yeast to out-compete the baddies already on the skins. Doubt you could do vodka, since yield per distillation will be so low, again, like grappa. Product would have to be priced accordingly, I would guess.

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