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New Guy Has Barrels

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Man, the whiskey business is getting huge! It's very exciting to see how many new faces there are in this crowd.

New World Winery Equipment is in Springfield, MO and on the web at enotools.com. I am Joe, the owner. I work alongside several manufacturers as an agent and I got some great news about whiskey barrels made in Missouri from one of our barrel makers just two days ago.

Bill and ADI came to mind immediately. Just joining the forum and spreading the news. Bill says it's OK to make this announcement here.

$275 for 40 gallon, Missouri made "Outlaw" Barrels from A&K. Check out 'em out here:



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Hi Distillers!

I was going to introduce Western Square to the forum on a new thread, but I see one of our independant reps is already on here! Joe at Enotools sells Western Square barrel racks, which you can find on the barrel racks page of his website, here.

Jedd, I can't answer your question for Joe because we don't make barrels, and I realize it's been a couple months since you asked, but his contact info is here if you need to reach him in the future.

About Western Square, we are the world's leading barrel rack manufacturer. All our products are proudly manufactured in our facility in Stockton, California. We sell across the nation and internationally. We have a friendship with ADI and Bill for years and we're looking forward to being active members on the ADI forums.

Multiple Western Square employees have the potential to access and post messages under this account so we will make a habit of signing a name to each post so you know who you're speaking to. But most of the time it will be me:


Sales and Marketing

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