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Limestone Branch Hands On Workshop


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Allow me to introduce myself. I am Sherman Owen. I recently spoke at the ADI conference hands on distilling sessions for the 2012 ADI conference. As many have heard, my instruction and consulting lead the hard work of Steve and Paul Beam to win gold and best of class in Corn Whiskey.

I will be hosting a hands on distilling class at Limestone Branch Distillery on June 30th, 2012. $250 for the class.

There will be room for 50 participants. Lunch will be served and possibly dinner.

Registration deadline is up to June 24, 2012

The class will include lectures on mashing, fermentation, distilling, sensory perception. Comparison of different styles of bourbon and clear spirits.

We will be distilling and collecting the entire run in one quart mason jars and at the end of the day a tour of the flavor profiles will be given. Everyone will be tasting the entire output in four quart increments. The flavor changes over the run and the guided relationship to everyday flavors is extremely interesting.

There is a Hampton Inn less than a mile from the distillery. If you are driving in for the class there will be plenty of parking. There are lots of budget hotels in the area within an hour drive. Shuttle service can be arranged if there is enough demand. If flying into Louisville airport SDF, rentals are available at the airport also.

We will try to help with arrangements whenever possible.

If you come early I can arrange Distillery tours for Friday. Makers Mark and KBD(Willet) distillery are right up the road. Four Roses and Wild Turkey are just a bit further.

The night before the class we are tentatively considering a camp out at the distillery. There is a several acre lake on the property and plenty of tent space. It is bring your own tent. There is space for a bond fire and we might be able to arrange live music for Friday night. Saturday night is unplanned but I am sure we will figure out something for those staying over.

This is an entertainment event as well as a technical event. Any one is welcome to come Friday the 29th and hang out. Bring samples.

This is roughly the 10 hour driving radius of Louisville, KY


Please send replies and inqueries for registration to slowen@artisanresources.com

You can also call 502 922 1700 talk to Joy or 502 418 6957 for Sherman.

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