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Exporting from Australia to US. Where do I start?


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Firstly, thanks to organisers and delegates at the ADI Louisville Conference, I had a fantastic time,

The feedback I received about my "White Rye" was very positive. It seems as if it is quite different from anything currently in US, so I am thinking there might be a sales opportunity, although I only have a very small distillery.

I assume I need to get my bottles and labels approved by TTB

I think you have strict bottle sizes even for imports!

I don't beleive Australian labels have the correct information.

I had a search around their web site and got totally confused.

Could someone please point me at the best place to start with TTB.

Pete Bignell

Belgrove Distillery

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I think that if I were you I would find an existing distillery here, have them import bulk spirits from you. I think and some one will correct me if I am wrong you may need a DSP permit for here in the USA before you can get label approvals. An Importers license might work but not sure what that would take. By shipping bulk, weight would be kept to a minimum as you will pay for every pound you ship. That distillery can then get lables approved, bottled and delivered to a distributor. Any one else have any ideas?? Coop

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I think Coop's idea is sound. Here is another good reason why: when shipping in bulk, you worry about breakage or theft from a relatively small number of containers. Cases of bottles are more fragile and seem more likely to be stolen.

I have a friend who imports products and theft is an ongoing problem.

I have been looking into this import business and might be interested - Pete, contact me if you want to discuss that.

To import the more normal way, you'd need to find a US importer; they would then get the COLA (certificate of label approval). For that route, start inquiring with importers, send them samples, and make a deal with one who's wildly enthusiastic and will pay in advance.

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Thanks Coop and Jedd.

I will certainly investigate both bulk and bottle options.

On the Australian market bulk sales give a quick return but most if the profit is in botteling and marketing, I don't know where your best margins are.

I do have an importer in mind, met him at Louisville, but I did not realize the importer arranges the COLA.

I will wait for any more suggestions.

I will PM you Jedd or if you wish, email your cell number to info@belgrovedistillery.com.au


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Ultimately, your spirit needs to be imported by a USA based company. If you weren't subject to US law, the TTB wouldn't be able to regulate you properly. You could set up a USA company yourself, but that's probably way more work than you want to get into.

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