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Siebel Institute Class, Any input?

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You'd be hard pressed to find better education in the US. You'll be learning from teachers with distilling and fermentation experience that can be measured in decades rather than weeks. More importantly, should you need help, you'll have someone to call for the rest of your career.

(full disclosure: Siebel Malting & Brewing Diploma Class of '96)

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Please also consider our week long workshop in June. Our workshop will be in Enumclaw, WA June 25th - 29th at the base of Mt Rainier. find our agenda at www.artisancraftdistilling.com. you can also see us on Pinterest at http://pinterest.com/Distilling/

We are in our third year of training new distillers. You will find some of the distillers we trained on our pinterest site. We focus on the business planning and marketing aspects as well as the legal and compliance issues. Of course the hands on distilling training takes place too. If you ask the state liquor boards for informaiton on licenses they have granted, you will also be able to get the number of licenses that have been discontinued, or let lapesed. The industry is a business and we try to cover a lot in one week to help prepare for running the distillery as a business. That is why we call it Your First Big Step to the Next Big Thing! This is a dynamic process to be sure. Check out our testimonials on our site. Cheers! Allan

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