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Ohio Tax Code


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To be blunt with you - no, I don't think that anyone can explain the how alcohol is taxed in ohio. You are probably aware that it is a control state, so the state is the middleman in Ohio. They have a complicated pricing formula which takes the manufacturer's price and adds layer after layer of overhead, fees, state taxes, and local taxes. It's laid out in their listing manual http://com.ohio.gov/liqr/docs/LIQR_Listing-Manual.pdf

Some of this cost is justified by the state's role as a distributor, but I suspect that there are states which have much friendlier tax laws. Just compare the retail price in Ohio vs. other states. Ohio is always one of the highest, and its not because the manufacturer is making all the money!

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Listing manual has moved to:


We are not listed in Ohio, but it appears that (strictly from above manual) that they "strongly" prefer 6-case packs. Also, they require the supplier (us) to pay shipping and do not pay us until the product leaves their warehouse on its way to a retail point.. plus $50 per sales rep for registration (biennial), $50 per brand registration, and $300 annual registration.

As far as I can tell, the tax / mark up fees are just ridiculous to determine and depends on your ability to do multi-layer math problems...so yeah. Seventh Son hit it on the nose when he said nobody knows what the actual mark ups are. Good luck.

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You guys are missing it. The complicated math is the wholesale case computation...Monique Beasley at the state computes that for you. She's the pricing control supervisor. The state tax is 40%, plus County tax, based on retail price. Of course, fed tax is separate as well. You can set your price wherever you want, but it will need to be inline with similar products.

Fees after permit are $50 per listing...each package size as well, but no $300 fee if you are an A3 or A3A permit holder per Cheryl Hunter, Operation assistant supervisor.

On top of that, if you go thru the state warehouse there are handling fees which are listed in the bailment manual.

I'm assuming the Op already figured out the correct answer long ago, but just clarifying for future reference.

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