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California Building Code Restrictions - Plans?


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We are in the process of trying to get a distillery setup in California and have run into an issue with regards to the building code. It appears that a distillery falls under Section 306 - Factory Group F, subsection 306.2 Factory Industrial F-1 Moderate-hazard Occupancy. (Which includes "Beverages: over 16-percent alcohol content.")

Our problem is that the building we are looking at was not built for this type of occupancy and therefore will require some TI's. Unfortunitly, we are not exactly sure what TI's we need to do. So, I was wondering if anyone else has run into this situation and what did you do to resolve it? (The county building department is asking that we provide a Plan Review which includes a floor plan. Additionally, we need to include an electrical plan, plumbing plan, mechanical plan, details of construction/.engineering and a Title 24, for those items that would be applicable.) Does anyone have any plans they might be willing to share?



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Hi Gordon,

It sounds like you need a local architect who is familiar with these issues. Any existing plans for other facilities in other states (or even in CA) may be subject to different rules.

If you want to do it yourself, you need to start by getting all the applicable codes. Then you'd draw the plans. Do you know CAD? If not, you'll probably need to learn; or find someone on your local Craigslist that can make "industry standard" drawings. You want your plans to look like the real deal, so that the Plan Reviewers are happy and content.

"Plan Review" is generally provided by one or more of the agencies having jurisdiction; although in your case, the agencies may be asking that you have a local architect create, review and stamp the drawings. You need to find out some more details on what is required. Keep calling all local officials, document what they say, build your paper trail.

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Thanks for the info. They do want things 'stamped' by a professional, I'm just not sure how many local professionals have done anything like this before. Anyway, we'll continue down the path and see what we run into.

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Gordon, Jedd gave you the best answer on this topic. I've also found that these rules vary from County to County. Hire a pro.

BTW..which city/county are you setting up? I am part of a team that has organised California's first craft-distiller's guild (cadsp.org) to help insure the health of our local industry. We have 21 (no-fee) members so far. Call me to dicuss when you get a chance. (707) 259-5411.

Thanks and good luck!

Arthur Hartunian

Napa Valley Distillery

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Thanks Arthur,

We are outside of Sacramento and would be very interested in talking to you about the guild. One of my partners has a lot of experience setting up associations and working with lobbyist. We NEED to get the laws changed here in California! We'll call you today! Thanks!

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