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Damsel in Distress, Concise Fire Code Regs for Cali Needed!

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Hi Guys....putting the finishing touches on the local Conditional Use Permit for Santa Rosa, but I am kind of at a loss when it comes to the applicable fire regs...I know about the IFC, Chapter 50, exemptions for wooden casks, etc., but trying to establish the regs as they apply to a less than 1,000 square foot facility on private land is a bear in terms of fire sprinklers, exits, etc. Anyone know a real concise extract or abstract that deals with fire regs as they pertain to artisan distillers? I can't imagine a 300 square foot building, for example, would need to be fitted with sprinklers!

I'm not lazy, just bleary eyed from flipping through 600 page manuals.....

Most appreciatively


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Your best bet is to approach your local fire inspector directly and ask what they want to see. They're the ones who actually interpret and sign off on this anyway, and it's their job to know the code inside and out, so getting them involved now will help you when it comes time to actually get the inspection done. Sprinklers aren't a strict necessity, but they do increase how much you can store in the building (so do fire safety cabinets). I've had them out to look at our site twice, explained that we needed to save money however possible, and gotten some good answers both times.

DISCUS also has a fire regs thing here but they cost cash moneys:


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