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Desintegrating Decoration

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We recently started bottling a private label spirit. The bottles were provided for us from national decorator. It has a beautiful spray coating.

The coating on the bottle came in contact with 80 proof spirit. The decorative spray started to melt. To test we soaked a bottle in heads and after an hour we can wipe it clean.

Am I insane to think that the decrative coating should be alcohol resistant?

Brad Irwin,

Oregon Spirit Distillers

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Brad, we even have came across this with "applied ceramic label" (ACL) printing. I do not know what is the cause, too much ink, not enough heat, whatever. Perhaps one of the bottle decrators will explain.

Hopefully we find them during our filling process. Just water alone will melt it, in your hands.

EDIT: I only have come across less than a dozen or so over a trailer load

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Did the bottle purchaser get something in writing that gives you recourse if the coating wouldn't stand up to the specs you required when placing the order?

At least you would have a way out for the problem and could move on to another supplier without any monetary loss.

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I'm not a lawyer and don't pretend to be particularly educated in such matters, but do a little research on "implied warranty" if you get resistance from your current supplier. This assumes the supplier knew they were being used for liquor bottles. Your specific PO T&C are highly relevant as well.

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Who did the spray coating for you? Sounds like they improperly cured the coating.

FYI: Quest is a premier decorator with the knowledge base and technical experience for spray coatings, screen printing, frosting, decals, PSL and appliques. We do business with global and local customers...to mention a few - Beam Global, Diageo, Sazerac, Campari...etc. Please feel free to check out our website and contact me if you have any questions.



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