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Affordable 55 Gallon Pot Still With 30 Gallon Thumper

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Hello my name is Paul Hall and I build distilling equipment. I grew up in the Great Smokey Mountains in a place called Rudd Holler near Townsend TN. My family has been building stills and making Liquor in the Great Smokey Mountains since 1805. My wife and I have lived here in the Ozark Hills of south central MO. since 1995. We will be opening our distillery, Ozark Mountain Spirits LLC, within a few months. We are also starting a new LLC called Affordable Distilling Equipment LLC. We will be building mash Tuns, Mash Vats/Fermenters, Beer Stripping Stills and Pot Stills. The still listed here is the 10th still that we have built in the last few months. This a very good solid still that will produce 140 to 160 proof beverage alcohol All 304 stainless steel and copper construction except for the flake stand. The stainless welds were all tig welded with 308 food grade stainless welding rod for safety and purity of product. All copper connections were soldered with acid/lead free silver solder for safety and strength. Both the thumper and boiler have threaded inlet caps and drain valves. There is a good temperature gage on the boiler. The Still includes operating instructions and recipes. It can be fired with propane or natural gas. The head has a perforated plate within it, so that copper scrubbers can be inserted into the head. The copper scrubbers will remove the sulfides from the alcohol vapors. We can also build this still with a copper head and copper line arm. This is just a simple pot still, but a lot of wonderful spirits have been and still are created in simple pot stills. The price for this still is $1,985.00 before shipping. This still can be shipped right away. If you have any questions just ask on here or call 417-778-6908. We can build this still in a 100 gallon version with a copper head, copper line arm and a 55 gallon stainless thumper for $2,700.00 I will be back on with more of our affordable distilling equipment within the next few days. We will also have our distilling equipment web site up within a few days. Coming soon we will have stills fired by electric heat exchanger and stills that are heated by steam injection.

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