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Nice to Meet Everyone!

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Hey Everyone!

I'm Katie from TruGrit Concepts, a full-service brand development company specializing in the alcohol industry. Because many of you are owners of distilleries, allow me to briefly introduce our company and how we can fulfill you or your customers' beverage branding and development needs.

Many of you may have clients who are in need of product formulation, logo, label and packaging design, marketing materials, and/or production and inventory management services. You may even have a product idea of your own or have been wanting to start a private label brand. If so, we can help you!

TruGrit stands firm on more than a decade of experience in the alcohol industry. As a former VP at a distillery in the Midwest, owner Molly Pearson has worked in virutally every facet of beverage development, being a key player in cultivating more than 50 brands. Some of them you're probably familiar with! Here are a few:

Thatcher's Organic Liqueurs

Travis Hasse's Apple Pie Liqueurs

Coyote Gold Premium Margarita



As a result, TruGrit has sustained relationships that extend worldwide and include suppliers, manufacturers, importers, flavor companies, and many more. These partnerships allow us to provide our clients with capabilities that cater to their specific needs.

We strongly value the relationships we form with our clients and fellow professionals in the industry, and look forward to connecting with everyone on here! Thanks for letting TruGrit be apart of this community!

Check us out on Facebook and Twitter!



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