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Complete fit out before License???

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The TTB says you have to be completely built out, however, you can apply 60 days in advance of your anticipated opening date. In practice, judging by the timeline for licenses granted to other distilleries, I've noticed some apparent wiggle room in this requirement. Having a real good lawyer would probably help greatly with these hairsplitting kind of matters.

There is also the matter of state and local permits, and the game of "who's on first." If your state and local authorities will entertain an application earlier in the buildout, I'd suggest getting those permits in order immediately. Having them on hand will be a great help with TTB. I'd also suggest contacting your local TTB investigator and establishing a cordial flow of information sooner rather than later.

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Thanks Jedd. We've already received our local zoning approvals (I did that first) and are awaiting out State license. I agree, seems there there is some latitude in the level of completeness that they want. Just wanted to see what other folks might have experienced.

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